A Look At The Miami Heat’s Player Ratings In NBA 2K14

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The basketball video game NBA 2K14 releases in a few days, and we have the complete list of the Miami Heat’s NBA 2K Overall Player Ratings! 

  • LeBron James – 99
  • Dwyane Wade – 91
  • Chris Bosh – 82
  • Ray Allen – 79
  • Mario Chalmers – 75
  • Michael Beasley – 75
  • Shane Battier – 73
  • Udonis Haslem – 71
  • Greg Oden – 70
  • Roger Mason – 69
  • Rashard Lewis – 67
  • Norris Cole – 67
  • Chris Andersen – 66
  • Joel Anthony – 59
  • Juwan Howard – 59
  • James Jones – 57

In case you aren’t familiar with NBA 2K, these ratings are the overall “rating” of each NBA player. The highest possible rating is 99, and they have ratings for various other skills as well (shooting, defense, passing, speed, etc.). It is no surprise that LeBron James tops the list at 99 overall rating. He is simply the best NBA player right now, and one of the hardest players to defend in basketball video game history.

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Dwyane Wade (91) honestly may be rated a few points too high. His age showed last season, but his NBA Finals performance made it look like he found the fountain of youth. 2k Games will surely monitor his performance in the beginning of this season. Chris Bosh has always been under-valued since he made his way to South Beach. Bosh can’t possibly score and rebound as much as he used to up in Toronto, especially with Wade and James playing at such an elite level. An 82 player-rating is fair for Bosh, but he deserves a higher rating if you are just talking about skill.

Michael Beasley on the other hand is rated just off his skill and potential, and 75 is probably a bit too high. Beasley was a 2nd overall draft pick, and was expected to do great things. His issues on and off the court have limited his performance though. Lucky for Heat fans though, Beasley is still very young and it is likely that he will straighten up his act. Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade were both mentors to him when he was a rookie on the Heat. UD was even called a “big brother” by Beasley on many occasions. Mario Chalmers(75) and Norris Cole(67) should probably have a rating closer to one another, probably somewhere around 73. Both players are solid, young point guards that have a lot to offer to any NBA team.

Greg Oden(70) is rated just off potential it seems as well. His injuries alone are a red flag to any team. That’s why Miami signed him to a safe, “low-risk high-reward” type contract. If Oden stays healthy, a 70 player rating is definitely possible. Chris “Birdman” Andersen(66) is rated lower than Oden right now. NBA fans saw last season that Birdman still can fly in this league. His offense is limited to high-flying dunks, but he adds intensity on defense that helped spark the Miami Heat’s historic winning-streak last season. Lastly, the fact that Juwan Howard(59) is rated higher than any other NBA player is mind boggling. He has to be 50 years old by now, right?


Here’s some highlights from a Miami Heat NBA 2k14 season:

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