NBA Jam’s Dirty Little Secret About The Chicago Bulls

via Midway
Did you know that the creator of NBA Jam hated the Chicago Bulls so much that he embedded a special code that made them miss last-second shots?

For those that don’t know, NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game that was developed by Midway in 1993.  It was the first entry in the NBA Jam series. The main designer and programmer for this game was Mark Turmell.  The game became ridiculously popular, and was often the most profitable game at arcades after its release, creating revenue of $1 billion in quarters at the game’s peak.

The game was released when the Chicago Bulls were in the middle of their iconic Michael Jordan Era, and Turmell was a huge Detroit Pistons fan. He explains how he programmed the Bulls to brick last second shots in this quote below:

“If there was a close game and anyone on the Bulls took a last second shot, we wrote special code in the game so that they would average out to be bricks.”

“There was the big competition back in the day between the Pistons and the Bulls, and since I was always a big Pistons fan, that was my opportunity to level the playing field.”

Maybe some Chicago Bulls fans wouldn’t have lost that five dollars they bet back in the 1990′s if this code was never put into the game!

via ESPN/Jon Robinson

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